Nathan Minerals

Our client Nathan Minerals – a diverse mining procurement company, offering a broad and diverse set of industrial material and engineering consulting services to public and private-sector clients.


We’re incredibly proud to have worked with the Nathan Minerals team to create this award-winning user experience and website. The samples are a peek into the Nathan Minerals process for creating user experiences that educate, engage and excite. With Nathan Minerals, we employed a mobile-first design mentality, but understood that stakeholders required desktop layouts for approval. In order to show how our concepts would translate for various devices, we designed responsive header and footer elements to present with each concept.

Employing a user-tested strategy allowed us to create an effective, intuitive and engaging website where visitors would enjoy a positive experience online and with the Nathan Minerals brand overall. The finished result is a well-organized and inviting online experience that allows Nathan Minerals to easily integrate user feedback and new features along with company growth



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